The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/25/14: The Shield Murders The Midcard

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Don’t worry, The Shield uses every part of a midcarder.

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Read on for the Best and Worst of Main Event: Friday Edition, er, I mean Smackdown…

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Worst: The Great Debate

I like to love everyone who participated in Smackdown’s opening segment, but my goodness was this some horseshit. Last week I praised Triple H and Paul Heyman for saying nothing new in an entertaining manner, and this was the exact opposite — imparting zero information in the most grating manner possible. Colter and Heyman just spent the entire time yelling over each other and surprisingly neither had anything clever to say. Also, Heyman repeatedly shouting about Brock breaking the streak was amusing last week, but it was kind of a one-off thing. When I said I liked it, I didn’t mean that’s all I wanted Paul Heyman to do from now on.

Oh, and I’m still confused by this Cesaro thing. He wrestles like a face — he does all his flashy moves and gives the fans the swing, but outside of matches he’s still hanging around with Heyman and is, frankly, kind of a smug prick. Also, was I supposed to cheer for Zeb Colter during this segment? He got all the WHARS YOUR BALLS and WATCH YOUR WALLET AROUND THIS GUY lines they usually give good guys. Please, just make one of the talented men involved in this feud a non-butthole. Thanks.

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Best: Not Ideal, But I Can Deal

I dunno, I’ve sort of been fantasy booking a Real Americans break-up in my head for a while now. In my ideal world Cesaro is a superpowered Swiss mega face and being upstaged lights a fire under Jack Swagger transforming him into the bloodthirsty bone crusher he always should have been. In reality Cesaro has gone for this weird face turn fake out, and Swagger is his usual good, but only a quarter as good as he could be, self.

So yeah, this wasn’t the beautiful Real Americans blowoff match I envisioned, but it was still pretty damn good. I’m never going to complain about a match that contains two Cesaro M. Bison spinning uppercuts (including one from the top rope). Also, man, if Swagger continues slapping on the ankle lock in awesome, unexpected ways, maybe he’ll actually get to win with the move someday! Whoops, lapsed into fantasy booking again.

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