WWE Has Never Heard Of Michael Sam And Doesn’t Know What You’re Talking About, Shut Up

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09.03.14 40 Comments
Michael Sam

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As you may have heard several times on Monday night, WWE invited free agent defensive end Michael Sam to come to Raw to discuss his life, his struggles trying to make it as the first openly gay player on an NFL roster, and hint at his future plans. With the ratings monster that is Monday Night Football looming, WWE assumedly wanted to associate themselves with that audience and, in the process, wallow in that sweet, sweet TMZ coverage.

From Monday:

Will the groundbreaking athlete accept the invite? And if so, what can the WWE Universe expect Michael Sam to say?

The answers: “no” and “nothing,” respectively. It turns out Sam isn’t quite ready for that Tim Tebow brand of pop culture oblivion.

According to reports, the Cowboys are flying Sam into Dallas tonight for a physical, and if he passes he’ll be added to their practice squad. That means Sam’s life (and his various struggles) will continue, and that he’ll “hint at his future plans” by actually HAVING future plans, rendering that Raw appearance moot.

WWE’s response to the Sam news? To remove all mentions of their invitation to Sam from WWE.com and pretend it never happened. What, the guy can’t show up in a Cowboys jersey, say “I’m doing okay for now” and wave at the crowd? You can’t put Damien Sandow in a Rams helmet?

The backup Special Celebrity Guest for Sam is even better: Jerry Springer, who’ll be mediating a conversation between the Bella Twins. Congratulations on dodging an entire gun full of bullets, Michael Sam.

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