The Best and Worst of WWE Over the Limit: Cena and Miz Should Both Quit

By: 05.23.11  •  27 Comments

Best: One of the Reasons We Like CM Punk

Punk broke out the Macho Man’s flying elbow in one of the only really fitting tributes we’ve seen so far, and hopefully those haters from five years ago can see why we Gen-1 ROHbots loved CM Punk so much, and know it had nothing to do with his bleached hair or basketball shorts. Tonight’s Raw should just be every good Randy Savage match from Saturday Night’s Main Event, and it should be about eight hours long.

In a related note, the worst part of Savage’s death hasn’t been the loss of childhood, it’s having to read those hacky obits where people say “he was really good, but now wrestling is terrible!” Update: During the greatest match of all time, Randy Savage sold George “The Animal” Steele biting him in the ankle even though he was wearing a thick-ass rubber boot. You were a dumb adult when you were a kid, too, you just didn’t realize it.

Worst: Mason Ryan’s Designer Ass Logo

“Okay, we need something on Mason Ryan’s ass.”
“What’s his character? What does he do?”
“Uh, his name is Mason Ryan? He looks sorta stupid, I don’t know what else he does.”
“Let’s put M and R on his butt and make it look sorta stupid.”

Seriously, that high school art assignment on his butt needs to go. I think I heard it best described as “what Eugene would come up with if he had to create Maven’s logo.” My idea is that if he’s Welsh, they should put like 40 consonants across the back.

Worst: Is R-Truth’s Finisher Seriously Called “Shut Up”

I’m happy that Truth got a pay-per-view victory over an established star, because he needs a legitimate sense of threat to go along with his crazy new Madea/Jay-Z ultimate mash-up character. I’m not happy to finally realize his reverse STO thing is called the “Shut Up,” which now gives us TWO finishing moves on Raw with “shut up” in the name (the STFU is the other one, even if they don’t call the U anymore … I hope it still stands for “shut the f**k”).

If Truth is coming up with the names for these moves himself, he is worse at naming finishers than anyone has ever been at anything. Remember the “Lie Detector?” Truth or Consequences? The Hat Rack Crack? He should do an inverted DDT and call it the DON’T TELL LIES TO R-TRUTH THE BLACK WRESTLER.

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