The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 5/9

By: 05.10.11

Best: Kharma’s Implant Buster ’91

Every move performed on Eve from now on needs to involve her being pushed a little higher into the air, then dropped directly on her face. If I didn’t have tons of reasons to love the Awesome Kong (her run in HUSTLE, being best friends with Cheerleader Melissa, making ten minutes of TNA fun to watch for about a year and a half) this would be near the top. Look at this thing. She should start trying to legitimately hurt these girls* so the Divas division can be her, Melissa, Miyako Matsumoto and, I don’t know, Portia Perez? Ah screw this report, I’m gonna go play Fire Pro.

*I do not endorse anyone other than John Morrison being hurt on purpose.

Worst: Kharma Needs To Do Something Now

While I do enjoy her slowly walking to the ring and staring people into submission while Divas scatter, we’re a few weeks into Kharma now and should probably start establishing who she is and why she’s doing what she’s doing. We don’t need a novella detailing her backstory or anything, but a quick piece where Scott F’n Stanford asks her why she’s stalking Kelly Kelly (of all people) and gets scared away would go a long way. I really don’t want her to fall into WWE’s very real trap of thinking “mean person!” is a legitimate television character.

Worst: Stop Letting Kane Wrestle

Kane, in some form or another, has been around since 1992. He had one okay match with Bret Hart and one okay match with Chris Benoit, and that’s it. He’s tired, lost any sort of gravitas when X-Pac and Tori made jokes about his “burnt wiener,” and is starting to look like Baron Von Raschke. You guys are all into retirement matches now, have Triple H and the Undertaker in a Career vs. Streak match at next year’s Wrestlemania, with the added stipulation that Kane must retire no matter what happens.

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