The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 6/20: Power to the People

By: 06.21.11  •  36 Comments

Worst: The Nature of Disqualification

Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to end the 2 Out of 3 Falls match with a DQ, and why does Ziggler get to keep the title on it? Kofi pinned him for one of the falls in the match. What happens if Ziggler loses the first fall by DQ? Does Kofi have to keep wrestling for up to two more falls knowing he’s got a snowball’s chance of winning the belt? The wrestling equivalent of “don’t start no sh:t won’t be no sh:t” should be “if the plot hole f**ks up your match, don’t f**king book it”.

And then “NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH” was a powered to the people option for the triple threat number one contenders match. Triple threats are no DQ by definition, guys, why didn’t you make the other two options “TORNADO RULES” and “WINNER GETS A TITLE SHOT”?

Worst: Rey Mysterio’s Splash

He needs to stop doing it immediately.

Best: Punkkkkk

See page 1. He will become a monster to defeat the monsters of the world!

Best: I Am So F**king Psyched For This No Countout Match

I’m interested in this Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes feud, but I’m sick of all the count-out finishes they’ve been doing! I’m going to text COUNT OUT MATCH to 46993 with all of the letters in those words so I can finally see Bryan take on Rhodes without the FEAR OF A COUNTOUT.

Here are your options for their rematch on Friday: (a) No Fire Extinguishers Match, where neither wrestler will be able to use the cloudy spray of a fire extinguisher, (b) Ted DiBiase Interferes Match, or (c) Mason Ryan.

/texts “b” to 46993

Supplementary Best: You can’t small package Mr. Small Package

Even basic homework from Cody Rhodes would’ve taught him that Daniel Bryan has a +10 in small packages, and that using a small package on him is like headbutting a Samoan or punching Hulk Hogan when he’s having an epileptic block-fit. I once saw Bryan Danielson defeat Nigel McGuinness with a small package, and Cody, you’re great, but you’re a patriotic iron and several rumored blood diseases away from being Nigel McGuinness.

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