The Guest And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/19

By: 09.20.11  •  57 Comments

Best/Worst: the Daedalus’ Wings of Zack Ryder
Ryder is as close as the internet/wrestling community seemingly gets to a feel good story. “Clearly aware, relatable guy makes his own destiny through hard work and shameless self-promotion.” But don’t for a moment think that if he gets too popular with the non-smarks, he won’t get left unceremoniously at the alter.
Good nature makes me want to believe that that won’t happen, but to be honest, he’s riding this thing farther than I think even he imagined. He’s not exactly Antifaz del Norte in the ring, and if his schtick is confined to tacking the Jersey Shore thing onto the genuinely interesting insight and character he’s able to run with outside of the WWE’s Universe of Sheen and Archetypes, well then shit son, it’s doomed to end soon.
I like Zack Ryder and I like him getting a lot of cheap pops on the big show. But everything successful comes from a combination of Substance AND Style (Chris Benoit, Sabu, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Yoshihiro Tajiri’s first 6 months in ECW, Mike Awesome, Masato Tanaka, Barry Horowitz’s one program with Chris Candidio, Scott Hall and a million other wrestlers notwithstanding…).

For those keeping score at home, that’s Agatha Christie, Broadways musicals, Doctor Who, Time Cop, Grant Morrison, Greek mythology and hipster music references. Brandon will be back next week, everybody!

Best: Hugh Jackman’s Right Straight
Holy Smokes, did it look like Jackman potato’d Ziggler from that camera angle. Ziggler rebounded from a perfectly acceptable and entirely unintelligible promo earlier in the night by selling his ass off and doing the job to Ryder, but either the camera operators at Raw deserve their own Best, or he got col’ cracked and still had the wherewithall to sell the Rough Ryder like it wasn’t a stupid finish. Either way, kudos all around.

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