The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 10/3: A Blog Of No Confidence

By: 10.04.11  •  160 Comments

Best: Alberto Del Rio Sticks Up For Ricardo Rodriguez

My other favorite part of the show: Mike Chioda is talking to Triple H about getting attacked and says he didn’t do anything when Ricardo Rodriguez clobbered Chad Patton. Alberto Del Rio is standing to their right, and he makes a “hey now” face and holds out his hand to tell Mike Chioda to shut the f**k up about Ricardo Rodriguez. See, I told you. Del Rio legitimately cares about Ricardo, and that continues to be one of the most awesome things about him.

Best: The ChickBusters On Raw, Or “Kaitlyn: Solid Gold Dancer”

They didn’t do anything but stand behind Beth Phoenix while she made them look like Carol Brady and Alice in a house full of spooky noises, but AJ got to walk, stand on camera briefly and walk out, and Kaitlyn got to do it in a gold Brick House number that made me go “oh, well, okay”. I don’t get enough of their Spike and Tyke womance (is that the portmanteau for “women romance”?) and hope this 650 wide screen cap convinces you to write your local WWE Board of Directors member and urge them to feature the ChickBusters.

Best: Derrick Bateman On Raw

You figured me out, the bests are mostly “here’s a person I want to see but never get to”. Derrick Bateman managed to get a non-champagne-related cameo in this, and I guess William Regal was in charge of herding all the FCW guys out and then herding them to the back. Say what you want about lower-than-big-leagues wrestling, but Raw’s coming to Austin in a few weeks, and I would legitimately rather see the Raw Superstars on strike and a show with Bateman, Dean Ambrose, Leah West and whatever they’re calling Claudio Castagnoli.

Best: Evil Sin Cara Is Here! And So Is Evil Ezekiel Jackson!

He’s wearing black tights, that’s how you know he’s evil.


I think Mark Henry going “that’s right” and wagging his finger at Triple H (moments before H used his +1 power of “mentioning something a complaining person did in the past, but they can’t do that to me”) is the best moment I haven’t mentioned, but there are so many. Did you realize Primo is a bad guy now? He’s hanging out with bad guys.

I’ll continue to Wait And Watch And See Where This All Goes©, but for those of you telling me to wait and see how it plays out, let me ask you a question: they had a game-changing angle between CM Punk and John Cena that almost went mainstream and made a Money in the Bank pay-per-view a major, important moment. Think about how that’s turned out. Now they’ve got a sorta-interesting angle going on, and you think it’s gonna go somewhere good? It’s not going to end with Vince McMahon climbing out of the Raw General Manager’s laptop like he’s in The Ring and scare-facing the audience to death?

I hope you’re right. And if not, I’m going to get David Otunga to sue you.

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