The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 4/9/12: The One With The Three Stooges

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I’m Casey / THESTINGER and Brandon was a rad enough dude to let me talk about my experiences at last night’s Raw. I was there and after watching the televised version so I could make gifs and screen caps I think I can safely say the live event was worse because of random screaming guys and the total lack of dinosaur conversations. You can follow me on Twitter (@HammerDialectic) and if you tell me who you are I’ll likely follow you back! You can also read more of my thoughts on professional wrestling, Warhammer, and dialectical materialism at my web log Thanks for reading, you all are the Cody Rhodes!

Best: Going to see some rasslin’ live! I got tickets last minute off of Craigslist and got good seats (although not as good as advertised) for really cheap. They weren’t good for being on camera, I was usually underneath the swing-arm audience cam, but I never had to watch the Titantron.

Worst: No matter where you sit you will have people coming and going all the time. You’ll also have a 12 year old kid with an awful Y2J sign hold it up so you can’t see for half of the show. The guy behind you will be shouting “YOU SUCK!” to Lord Tensai and Cody Rhodes to the point of making him go hoarse. You’ll also get dirty looks from a little girl after cheering for Dolph Ziggler and then you’ll feel bad.

Worst: Hanging out with my dog and posting on the Open Discussion thread is usually more fun than going to a WWE live event.

Best: Kids with signs! There was this kid with a rad Big Show sign he made out of magazine clippings of Big Show that looked totally sweet. I know we’re all not Big Show fans, but I like seeing kids get excited about wrestlers. I remember being an 8 year old kid who went nuts over seeing El Gigante at a show in Key West, and I’m glad to see kids are still doing it.

Worst: Kids chanting “Let them fight!” when Lesnar and Cena were being held apart. That made me feel uncomfortable.

Best & Worst: Live shows attract every possible fan. There were kids who loved Santino and Big Show, dads who loved Jericho, women who were there hoping to see Orton, angry young men being angry, hipsters who were there ironically, Redskins fans who were really excited about RG3 and brought huge face cut outs of him, this awesome old Asian guy who looked like a grizzled member of the Triads, and THESTINGER. It was cool to see people there for so many reasons, but it also made it impossible for the crowd to really care about anything.

The WWE has done a good job in catering to many different groups, but going to a live show really showed how fractured the audience is. Since everyone was there for a different reason it made the crowd seem indifferent to everything. I went, in large part, because of what happened in Miami last Monday and I wanted to make sure I would be part of something. About 10% of the crowd agreed with me, but it never amounted to much.

Worst: Expecting the audience to be like you. Us Withleather Daddies / Stroud Mouths (we need to convene and decide a name) are pretty rad people. I think we manage to avoid being ironic hipsters or internet wrestling fans because we mostly like the people who entertain us. Dolph Ziggler is a heel but it’s great to watch so we like him. I kind of expected a lot of people to think like we do and it was a surprise to see how the crowd really acts the way the WWE wants them to act: heels get boos and faces get cheers, even when the heels really aren’t that bad and the faces are really despicable.

Best: They got YES!YES!YES! shirts in stock! No women’s sizes (sorry BookSavvy & MrsTHESTINGER) but they got them!

Worst: Ultimately, if you want to go to a WWE live show you are better off going to a house show. Those are more fun, better paced, and have actual wrestling. Raw and Smackdowns have a lot of waiting and it brings a certain group of mean spirited “fan” that can really ruin the experience. It made me sad watching the Superstars taping that the Kofi Kingston v. Curt Hawkins match was likely the best match I would see all night.

Best: What people saw on TV: Mark Henry comes out to face CM Punk and it cuts to commercial and it comes back to Mark Henry in the ring.

What we saw live: Mark Henry comes out to face CM Punk, picks up a microphone and yells at CM Punk about how he’s going to have to wait for him to finish his stretches and warm ups. Mark Henry walks back to the crowd yelling at him and he comes out after another minute. This was easily the best part of the night.

Thanks again, everybody. See you next week.

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