The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 2/28/14: Deal With It

By: 03.01.14


Worst: Daniel Bryan, Smackdown’s John Cena

Listen, don’t get me wrong, I love Daniel Bryan and 99% of his matches, but we’re starting to get into “He’s the main eventer, so whatever random thing he’s doing always goes on last” territory. At least on Smackdown. There’s no way this random tag team with the Usos and Outlaws belongs anywhere but in the middle of the card. Also, I dunno, your “The Authority is keeping Daniel Bryan down” storyline might work better if he wasn’t in the highest possible match on the card every night.

Best: The Main Event (Thanks to Road Dogg?)

That said, the match was a lot of fun, and shockingly the lion’s share of the credit has to go to Road Dogg? He was in fine Grandpa Dogg form today, rolling out of the ring proclaiming “I’m not doing this!” at the earliest sign of an actual wrestling match breaking out, and not-so-kindly giving credit to Kane before hitting an Uso with a terrible seated dropkick. Bryan mostly sat on the apron, as a mini, bearded John Cena does, but his eventual tag-in, with him seemingly rising from a trap door beside the ring while shaking his head like a mad man was a nice touch.

Bryan’s running wild was fantastic as always, and the final moments of the match featured the memorable “What universe am I in?” moment that was Billy Gunn almost pinning Daniel Bryan with a Fameasser.  So yeah, fun, and hey, if Daniel Bryan can make a crowd cheer for a sequence with Billy Gunn like it was a PPV main event, I think he might just work as champion. Deal with it WWE.

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