The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 3/28/14: Triple H And Batista Are Smirking Each Other Off Again

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Worst: Okay, Goldust And Fandango Have Proven They Can Play Together, Your Point Is Made

A couple weeks ago on Raw Goldust and Fandango were having an unremarkable match, then all of a sudden Goldust was bleeding from the temple, unable to go up for suplexes and looking like he wanted to mete out leathery old wrestler justice on Fandango.

Given how poorly that match went, you’d think WWE would avoid putting them together again, but nope! Instead WWE seems to be intent on booking Goldust/Fandango again and again until they learn how to play nice with each other. This match went much more smoothly than the initial Raw match, but it was still dull as s–t, so is it okay if we just say lesson learned and move on at this point?

Best: Are You Happy Now?

Batista/Sheamus wasn’t great, but it was solid — a good contrast between legit scary clubber-monster Sheamus and “don’t hit the face” Batista. Even the chairshot DQ ending wasn’t terribly galling. It felt like an extension of Batista’s cowardly character as opposed to a cop-out, and thankfully the match only went five minutes before the DQ instead of 10 or 15 as is often the case. Also the asshole area of Batista’s trunks remained intact when he did the powerbomb, so yeah, definitely could have been worse.


Worst: Nope, Still Don’t Care

Your sword has left a scar on John Cena’s soul that can never heal huh? Hmmm, nooo, I’m pretty sure you just turned out the lights, tied his arms in the ropes and gave him a free novelty sheep mask. I mean, I hope having your arms tied in the ropes doesn’t result in soul scarring — imagine the state of poor Andre The Giant’s soul if that were true.

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