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The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 4/4/14: The Last One That Matters

By 04.05.14


Best: The Orton Soaring Eagle

Guys, we’ve been all wrong about Randy Orton and his chinlocks and I feel terrible about it. As evidenced by this high school picture, the man clearly has a condition that causes his hands to twist into chinlock position even when there isn’t a chin available to lock. He can’t help it guys.

So, they did the candid interview thing with Orton and Batista on Smackdown. The last time I recall WWE doing this was the legendary Brock Lesnar “I’m not a superstar, I’m an ass-kicker” promo. The Orton and Batista promos on this show weren’t anywhere near that good, but they were fun and made both guys seem more like real people I might want to see fight.

Batista’s “I thought he was talking about the Rock” response to Triple H calling him a spoiled movie star was perfect, because come on, everyone’s first thought was, “Is Triple H talking about Batista or The Rock?” Batista came off as an almost tragic figure here. The guy who isn’t really a movie star yet, but can’t go back to the wrestling world either and is confused and kind of scared by the whole situation. Randy Orton on the other hand, um, at least he wore pants for his interview? Well, shorts. Randy Orton acting like a regular human being and covering up his balls while talking to somebody counts as character growth.

Best: Zeb Colter Unleashes Cesaro’s Hyper-Combo

Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans was shaping up to be okay, but nothing special until Zeb decided to use his palm-to-the-face motivational skills on Cesaro. Now see, you slap Jack Swagger and he gets maybe a bit more focused, but slap Cesaro and he launches into an insane Marvel vs. Capcom 100-hit hyper-combo. Cesaro just pummelled the crap out of, uh, let’s say Diego until I was sure we were going to see his mask (and a good part of his skull) European uppercutted into the rafters.

Sadly the match didn’t just end there, and we had to sit through a few more minutes of The Real Americans flipping around for Los Matadores ranas before Cesaro finally decided he’d had enough and ended the match decisively with a giant swing and Neutralizer. Of course, Cesaro and Swagger winning here means they won’t win the tag titles at Wrestlemania, but maybe it doesn’t have to be that way if all dozen of us who watched this episode of Smackdown stay quiet. Shhhhh.

Best: You Can’t Have This

I’m not sure if it was on the American version of Smackdown, but the international version had a really f–king badass AJ Lee promo/video package. It’s easy to forget, but when AJ isn’t being sent out to flop around for a minute then lose pathetically every week, she’s really damn good. Also, they showed the neck tattoo the commentators have mentioned every week for the past six months. How did that take so long?

This thing actually got me kind of excited for the Wrestlemania 14-Diva Debacle Royale. Yeah. Even if you don’t usually watch the videos attached to these reports, I urge you to watch this one.

Worst: Well I’ll Brother You This Brother, I’m Totally Brothered To Be Brother Brother Brother

This was the most pointless main event segment I’ve ever seen. Hulk Hogan came out, was all, “Brother, Wrestlemania is this Sunday, and maniacs, check out this sweet Andre trophy I made. Well, uh, bye. Brother.” I’m not simplifying for comedic effect. This is all that happened.

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Well, I’m not going to let a 50-word paragraph about Hulk Hogan main event the go-home Smackdown report, so pull up a chair, because I’ve got some things to say about Wrestlemania, brothers…

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