The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 5/23/14: Si-Bo-Ling Rivalry

By: 05.24.14  •  39 Comments

Best: Speaking in Tongues

I just spent several parapraphs comparing Bo Dallas favorably to his brother, but don’t get it twisted — I have problems with Bray’s character, but he’s still the superior performer. Having little brother on the show seemingly lit a fire under Bray’s ass, because he was pulling out all the stops, even busting out the Latin for the first time on the main roster (I think). I half expected Bray to end the promo with a spirited bout of projectile vomiting, but I guess he couldn’t get his pea soup rig together in time.

Worst: English!

In case you had any doubt about what the upcoming Sheamus/Cesaro feud will hinge on, Michael Cole gave us a preview by spending this entire match shouting “Speak English!” at Cesaro every 15-seconds. Yup, this feud is probably going to be about Irish speaking Sheamus being appalled that Cesaro won’t speak American.

As for the match itself, it involved Alberto Del Rio so you already know what happened. Dude’s so boring and by the numbers Sheamus may as well have been wrestling a six-foot-tall stack of math textbooks.

Best: What a Sportsman



Love Sheamus flopping around like a Stretch Armstrong that’s been in the microwave for a few seconds. Be careful Cesaro, you don’t want Sheamus’ red goo to leak out.

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