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Watching WWE’s Ravishing Russian Lana Breakdance Will Crush Your Weak American Heart

By 05.30.14
Lana Breakdancing WWE


This video should come with a surgeon general’s warning for your heart.

You have have already seen this — it was uploaded back in January and clearly features a bunch of up-and-coming WWE Divas who’ve made an impact on television — but in case you haven’t, hold on to your butts. Divas Training Camp chronicles the first days on the job for a lot of Divas hopefuls, and many of them are familiar … Jojo and Eva Marie from Total Divas, Devin Taylor and Veronica Lane from NXT, Sara Del Rey in a Chikara shirt. Oh, and LANA, the amazing “Ravishing Russian” who escorts Rusev to the ring. You may remember her from your jaw dropping for five minutes every Monday.

The video features Lana speaking in her actual accent, so be wary of that if you don’t want to break MOOSE AND SQUIR-REL Lana kayfabe. If the headline and header image made you go WAIT WHAT, please jump to the 8:00 mark to see Lana breakdancing. Yep. Prepare your heart and share this with everyone you’ve ever met.

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“It’s basically “why Lana is everything” with Ludacris in the background.” – David D.


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