The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 6/20/14: Chafed Thighs

By: 06.21.14


Worst: Have They Future Endeavoured The Wardrobe Department?

Okay, I get that The Shield got over while wearing real person clothes so they don’t necessarily want to transition the guys to sequined underpants now that they’ve broken up, but the wardrobe department is clearly out to sea when their usual short trunks, long trunks or “Big Bossman’s closet” options are taken from them.

I mean, this new look for Rollins — is he supposed to be Black Manta? Black Flag Manta? Did Vince have a change of heart as Rollins was passing through Gorilla and snatch the scuba tank and helmet off him? Brandon stole the Trinity joke in the Smackdown spoilers, but jeez, it bears repeating. Also, poor dude’s thighs must be in chafed agony after a 2-minute match.

Ambrose’s jeans and ladies’ tank top look is hardly any better. Acid wash, boot cut, belted jeans no less. I’m pretty sure I wear cooler jeans than Dean Ambrose, and I don’t wear cooler jeans than anybody.

Maybe just try giving Ambrose or Rollins some black trunks with their name on the butt. You know, just for laughs. See if it works.



Worst: Shut Up, Don’t Do That

I dunno about this Shield break-up. Layla/Summer Rae should not be the second most catty thing happening in WWE at the moment. Come on Dean, just admit you miss Seth — maybe that’s all he’s been wanting to hear all along.


Uh, me.

Sometimes I doodle to take my mind off things, like, say, a terrible Smackdown.

It’s never too late to say you’re sorry guys.

Worst: So, Bad New Barrett Is Ghana In This Metaphor?

This match was 90% the Dolph Ziggler show, which is weird, because Barrett is good! He can contribute! But most of this match was Ziggler elaborately setting himself up in the ropes, Barrett giving him a quick, unremarkable kick, then Ziggler ragdolling like a Goat Simulator NPC. Then Dolph Ziggler won with a sunset flip.

Did Barrett just lose because England lost in the World Cup? This is what happens when Americans start caring about soccer.

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