In Case You Missed It, Here’s Buff Bagwell Doing A Freaking Canadian Destroyer

05.27.14 2 years ago • 49 Comments

Yes, that Buff Bagwell. The one from the 1990s. The guy from the nWo with the top hat. One of the American Males.

And yes, that Canadian Destroyer. A front flip piledriver.

Buff, in his journey across the nation as both an independent pro wrestler and shoot gigolo, ended up facing “All Ego” Ethan Page during night 2 of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s 2014 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament in Cleveland. I guess Buff took the independent spirit to heart, because dude hit a superkick (a must in modern independent wrestling) (I guess) and popped off one of the most ridiculous, crowd-pleasing moves ever.

Seriously, this doesn’t even need a buffer paragraph. Buff Bagwell doing a Canadian Destroyer. Eat it.

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