Video: Three Clippers Scare Themselves Silly In A Haunted House

No, that's not a photo of forward Trey Thompkins looking on in terror at the horrifying former breakfast menu of Enes Kanter.

#Chris Paul

Dime Q&A: Trey Thompkins On Playing “Got ‘Em” & Being Drafted With His Best Friend

Los Angeles Clippers forward Trey Thompkins is about to begin his second NBA season.


These NBA Doppelganger GIFs Are Pretty Terrifying And Accurate


I know that banner image isn’t a GIF, but I still haven’t taken the class on GIF editing through South New Hampshire State Tech’s amazing online program.


Caron Butler Challenges His Daughters To Family Feud Games

What do NBA players do during the offseason.


Video: Caron Butler Dunks, Tim Duncan Drops Head In Shame

Actually it was more like Caron Butler serves up the facial, but in the process hits Tim Duncan across the face with his off arm, thus forcing Duncan to go reeling.


LeBron & Wade Can’t Deliver; The Spurs Have Won 15 Straight Games

Indiana gave the Heat enough chances, missing more freebies than a Ben Wallace practice session, and yet the two best players in the world (supposedly) couldn't finish the job.


Memphis Cannot Stop Chris Paul; Utah Gon’ Fishing

Oh, we want to put an asterisk by this so, so bad.


Dime TV: Tyson Chandler on Caron Butler: “His Kneecap Went Up His Knee”

Why are we dropping Part III of the Tyson Chandler video series on a Saturday morning.


Andrew Bynum Ties NBA Playoff Record; Rajon Rondo Gets Ejected; Clippers Pull Off Historic Comeback

The only thing seemingly happening more often than freak injuries through the playoffs first two days are blocked shots.

Tyrus Thomas

Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 4.26

Beast of the Night: Russell Westbrook finished the 2011-12 NBA season with a bang, producing a pretty line of 30 points, six rebounds, nine assists, three steals, four blocks and a three-pointer.


The Fight That Nearly Was: Blake Griffin Vs. Tyler Hansbrough

The fight would've been classic: Tyler Hansbrough vs.


Derrick Rose Is Unstoppable; Blake Griffin Is Unbelievable


Derrick Rose said he was gonna go crazy against Washington last night, and dude did go a little nuts.


20 NBA Players Who Should Play For Their Hometown Teams


There's something purely Americana about the hometown kid making good in front of the hometown crowd.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Diagnosis: 1.11


Beast of the Night: Derrick Rose put up 31 points, three boards, 11 assists, a steal, two blocks and four three-pointers last night against the Timberwolves. He shot 55 percent (12-22) from the field, 75 percent (3-4) from the free-throw line and had three turnovers.

Wilson Chandler

Dime’s 2011 NBA Free Agent Tracker


Whereas last summer reshaped the NBA and as a byproduct of that, helped usher in the extended lockout, the upcoming abbreviated free agency period won't include a single franchise player.


The Top 10 NBA Superstar Trades With The Largest Impact


It is pretty rare when an elite superstar, a player at the top of their game, is traded off by a team.


The Clippers’ Christmas Day Kicks

As we said yesterday, Christmas Day allows brands to drop special colorways of shoes for their guys.


Blake Griffin & The Clippers Run Past The Lakers; Isiah Thomas Backs LeBron’s Superteam


No Kobe Bryant meant mismatch at times last night in the Clippers' 108-103 win, their second straight in as many games against their crosstown rivals.

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