These NBA Doppelganger GIFs Are Pretty Terrifying And Accurate

I know that banner image isn’t a GIF, but I still haven’t taken the class on GIF editing through South New Hampshire State Tech’s amazing online program. Either way, it’s my effort to join in the fun of one of my latest favorite Tumblrs that friends have passed along to me. Today’s delightful meme is NBA Doppelgangers, which as the name suggests is a site dedicated to taking NBA players and finding celebrities that they look like. You know, like Dwight Howard and a cat. That Dwight, a big ol’ cat.
Among my favorite Doppelgangers that the site’s creator(s) has offered up are:
Russell Westbrook and Nicki Minaj
Anderson Varejao and Raggedy Ann
Chris Bosh and Godzilla
Chris Bosh and Jar Jar Binks
Jonas Valanciunas and C-Tates
Phil Jackson and Ned Flanders
Shaquille O’Neal and a Lego
And there are plenty more, some hilarious and one that is very familiar that I swear I’ve seen before, but my favorite part is the face-shifting GIFs.
Both amusing and frightening, these GIFs are pretty great, especially the Kyle Korver one because it’s true. In fact, it could be a picture of Korver morphing into another picture of Korver and I’d still say… well, you’ll see.