The Top 45 Small Forwards In Fantasy Basketball

08.05.13 6 years ago
While all of America is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel that it’s never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation. We’re in the process of breaking down each position into tiers, continuing in this post with the spot that starts with the game’s two best players.

Outside of LeBron and Durant, small forward is perhaps the only position more scarce than shooting guard. Luckily, the Fantasy Doctor is here to help you work out the kinks. Undoubtedly, there will be players not on this list who have small forward eligibility, but they’ve probably already been mentioned as a shooting guard, or in Tyreke Evans case, as a point guard. I’m tempted to exclude ‘Melo from it because of how much power forward he plays, but he’ll definitely be small forward eligible this year too.

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*keep in mind, all of these players might not be “shooting guards” in real life, but have the position eligibility in fantasy…*

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LeBRON JAMES, Miami Heat
KEVIN DURANT, Oklahoma City Thunder
The gap between these two guys and the rest of the small forwards is more significant than any other position. Even if you don’t like LeBron James, he’s worth taking for the sake of trade value alone, but the fact that he missed the last couple weeks of the fantasy season scares me half to death. Durant isn’t a bad consolation prize, but unless you have either of the top two picks, neither of these guys will be on your roster.

JAMES HARDEN, Houston Rockets
PAUL GEORGE, Indiana Pacers
Both of these guys were mentioned in our shooting guard breakdown, but will probably have small forward eligibility too. I would personally use Harden and George at the two, where they dominate their position, but you can’t go wrong if either of them are in your lineup.

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I hate empty stats (no steals and blocks), but ‘Melo’s scoring is almost in a league of it’s own. He has a heavy impact on your percentages because of his volume of attempts, but probably won’t shoot too much higher than the 45 percent he shot last year.

JOSH SMITH, Detroit Pistons
NICOLAS BATUM, Portland Trail Blazers
I’m interested to see how Smoove will fit in next to Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe in Detroit, but whether he’s at the three or the four, he can always block shots. It’s also not crazy to say that Monroe and Smith are the best passers on the team. Batum may have reached his fantasy ceiling, but his stat line is diverse enough to warrant consideration ahead of the two guys ahead of him on this list.

RUDY GAY, Toronto Raptors
ANDRE IGUODALA, Golden State Warriors
Gay averaged 19.5 points and 6.4 rebounds after being traded to Toronto, and it’s possible those numbers could increase as he becomes more comfortable. As for Iggy, I’m expecting a rebound year out of him after inconsistency plagued his short stay in Denver.

THADDEUS YOUNG, Philadelphia 76ers
JEFF GREEN, Boston Celtics
This is called the “stat hounds on teams in flux tier.” These guys will account for the majority of their frontcourt’s offense and should have all the free reign in the world given their team’s situations.

Keep reading to see why you might want to steer clear of Brooklyn’s best players…

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