The With Leather Fantasy Football Support Group: What The F, Carson Palmer?

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The toughest part of the Thanksgiving week of NFL action for us fantasy football addicts has to be the three days off between games.

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“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 7

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While a 2-win record is hardly something to be proud of through Week 7, it has become the first actual dividing line between the pretenders and contenders for this “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes.


Al Davis Left Some Crazy Behind In Oakland

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When the Cincinnati Bengals selected TCU’s Andy Dalton in the second round of this year’s NFL Draft, it was a clear indication that the Carson Palmer era was over for them.


QB Carson Palmer Is Now An Oakland Raider

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The NFL is notorious for having uninspired trade deadlines, but the fine folks from Oakland and Cincinnati look to buck that trend this year.


“Suck For Luck” Power Rankings: Week 6

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Now that “Suck For Luck” is a full blown ordeal – there’s even <a href="">a Twitter account</a> devoted to it – it’s very amusing to see the general NFL fan’s reaction to the idea that teams might tank some games to secure the guy every analyst this side of Mel Kiper’s phallic eagle swoop is calling the next John Elway.


Carson Palmer To Raiders Unlikely, Official

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If somebody tried to pull off this trade in a fantasy league, the other team owners would veto it so hard.


30 Pieces Of Sports Merchandise From The Glorious Etsy Collection

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A few months back, I scoured the depths of Deviant Art and a few other sites to dig up some of the <a href="">most beautiful athlete fan art</a> that we've ever seen, but a few days ago I realized that I left out another great resource - Etsy.


Marvin Lewis Takes Ochocinco Down A Peg


Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis knows no offseason when it comes to giving grief to his colorful wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.


Carson Palmer Wants A Divorce From The Cincinnati Bungles

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<a href=""> What do we have here? Another Ohio professional sports star refusing to ride the wave any longer? Well, it all depends on your definition of star. If Carson Palmer is your definition of a star, then you likely refer to Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady as "planet" and "universe," respectively. Now Carson Palmer, the star, has given the Cincinnati Bengals the ultimate ultimatum: either trade him or he'll retire. It looks like Marvin Lewis may be handing him a gold watch in the upcoming months. The two-time Pro Bowler and former Heisman Trophy winner reportedly told a confidant: "I will never set foot in Paul Brown Stadium again." Palmer is also quoted as saying: "I have $80 million in the bank. I don't have to play football for money. I'll play it for the love of the game but that would have to be elsewhere. I'm prepared to live my life." Palmer has requested a trade, but Bengals owner Mike Brown said in January he had denied it because the 31-year-old was too important to the team. It was reported that Palmer would retire if he was not traded. However, according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, the Bengals had softened their stance on Palmer and would consider trading him after the NFL labor situation is sorted out. <a href="">[Fox News]</a> If you can't win with two capable---albeit aging---wide receivers in Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, who can you win with.


Carson Palmer’s Selling His House

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Cincinnati quarterback and frequent injury recipient Carson Palmer has <a href="">clearly stated</a> that he doesn't want to play with the Bengals anymore by demanding a trade, and he's now taking the next step in Operation: Palmer Leaves Cincy (that's what I'd call it if I was him): putting his house on the market.


Carson Palmer Wants To Be Traded

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The Bengals season ended nearly a month ago, and yet Carson Palmer is still making questionable decisions.


Ochocinco’s New Key To Victory: Annoy Everyone


The Cincinnati Bengals have started the 2010 campaign a little rougher than most anticipated.


Your Week 5 NFL Recap

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Let’s just say the Patriots-Broncos game could make this a bitter affair.



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Quarterback Carson Palmer -- one of three or four Bengals to not get arrested over the last two years -- went on a radio show in LA, and the Orange County native and USC alumnus awesomely talked shit about <a href="" target="_blank">how retarded Ohio State fans are</a>.



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Perhaps because <a href="../post.phtml?pk=2881" target="_blank">the disturbing print ad</a> wasn't memorable enough, Bengals QB Carson Palmer has filmed a commercial promoting John Morrell's hot beef.



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Yesterday, after a reader made a </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a> </a>.



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Bengal Number Nine got arrested, and Carson Palmer is <a href="" target="_blank">sick of this bullshit</a>.

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