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Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Are Adapting A Book About The Sega Vs. Nintendo Console Wars

By | 9 Comments

Finally a movie you can show your kid when he says "What's a Sega Genesis?" instead of smacking him up the head.


Both Sony And Microsoft Claim Victory In The Latest Console War

By | 25 Comments

The latest round of the console war might be over before it starts... because both systems are doing the best they've ever done.

console wars

The First Guy To Buy A PS4 Had A Priceless Reaction


His name is Joey Chiu, and his reaction is both pure gold and meme-worthy.

console wars

Why The Wii U’s Struggles Should Make Sony And Microsoft Worry

By | 20 Comments

The Wii U is struggling for relevance. And that should worry its competitors, as they're in the exact same boat.

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