Psy-Feld 101: Professor Uses ‘Seinfeld’ To Help Teach Psychiatry

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Using the insane and colorful characters on Seinfeld to try to help teach Psychiatry is a brilliant idea, and why did it take this long for someone to come up with it?


Is Your Alma Mater On This List Of America’s Worst Colleges?

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Burning your money is a better way to spend your time than going to any of these colleges, the worst in the country.

No Pants Party

Meet The High School Teacher From Oklahoma That Showed Up Drunk And Pantsless On Her First Day

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This Oklahoma teacher decided to leave her brain at home when she got drunk on the first day of school and removed her pants in a classroom.


Science Teacher Suspended For Doing His Job

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A science teacher in Los Angeles got suspended for what is quite possibly the dumbest reason ever.


Chicago’s Urban Prep Academies Really Believe In Leaving No Child Behind

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These are the type of statistics I don't mind reading about.

mad magazine

Mad Magazine Finally Heads Back To College With This Exclusive New Cover

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Mad Magazine is finally heading back to college with their newest issue and we have the exclusive cover to prove it!


Global Rankings Survey Says U.S. Hi Skool Stewdents Be Dum Az Hayl

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Tell your kids to cheat from the Asian kid. At this point, it's not a stereotype anymore.

The N word

‘Murica: Students Go On Slavery Re-Enactment Field Trip, Get Called The N-Word, Pick Cotton & Ride A Pretend Slave Ship

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In stupid motherf*cker news, a bunch of stupid motherf*ckers apparently lived out their Django Unchained fantasies on a group of schoolchildren while on a field trip.

viral video

Watch This High School Student Eviscerate His Teacher For Not Showing Enough Passion For Her Job

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This student is passionate about his education and wants the same from his teacher.


Things Get Worse: Chicago Teachers Begin Strike Today

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Just when you thought the situation in Chicago couldn't get any more dire, the seemingly unimaginable happens.


‘Thanks, Textbooks’ Collects The Silliest Parts Of Inexplicably Real Textbooks

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Single-serving Tumblr site "Thanks, Textbooks" collects the funniest, most asinine things found in real textbooks. We feel smarter already.

teach this controversy

26 States Actually Want to Teach Science

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If there's one problem that's defined science in America in the twenty-first century, it's the fact that a small but vocal and politically active part of the country wants to jam their fingers in their ears and scream about how it's not true because this book they've never actually bothered to read closely or understand the history of says its not true so shut up.

sasha grey

Leave Sasha Grey Alone!

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A few days ago photos surfaced of former adult film actress Sasha Grey reading to a classroom full of kids in a California school, causing approximately half of the internet to lose its f*cking mind.


Can People Stop Texting and Driving?


Last year, AT&T kicked off its "Txtng & Drivng.


Are You Drunk Because You’re Smart Or Smart Because You’re Drunk?

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As a writer and a drinker, I probably don’t go a week without coming up with a drunken idea that I think is great, sharing it with friends, having them tell me it’s great, and then going to bed with this awesome idea and the monumental challenge of remembering it the next day.


Will Dualbooks Enhance Education?


One of my biggest complaints about going to school was always having to lug around a backpack with a bunch of big old books for my classes.

#video games

Can I Go To Video Game School, Too?

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Katie Salen, a professor and game designer, and Robert Torres, a learning scientist and former school principal, founded the Quest to Learn school in New York City, and holy crap this school sounds awesome: Salen and Torres are at the forefront of a small but increasingly influential group of education specialists who believe that going to school can and should be more like playing a game, which is to say it could be made more participatory, more immersive and also, well, fun.

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