Virtual Reality Is Unlocking Learning Potential Like Never Before

11.07.18 8 months ago


Virtual reality doesn’t just have the capacity to transport us to new worlds, it has the ability to help us more fully understand our very existence. The futuristic medium is compelling, visceral, and deeply immersive. And while these are all words to describe VR, they’re also words we wish got used more often to describe education. Bringing lessons to life — that’s the dream for most teachers. But taking words on a page or in a lecture and helping students really feel them can be a challenge. Which is why incorporating Virtual Reality in schools has become a huge priority for many educators. VR allows learning to cross over into the emotional cores of students in new and exciting ways. It’s a groundbreaking time for education, where what is possible is constantly shifting.

Imagine students attending lectures with experts from across the world while still feeling like they’re in the first row — able to ask questions and interact fully. Or traveling to places that a school could never afford to visit as a field trip. Spanish language students could spend the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, or a history class could attend court during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Art students could go to the Louvre without leaving the classroom. That’s all on the table. It’s like the Magic School Bus come to life. Classes really could ride down the esophagus to see how the body works or zoom through the solar system effortlessly.

“Virtual reality allows students to step inside of their textbooks and bring otherwise abstract concepts to life,” Director Eliza McNitt says. Her own project, the Darren Aronofsky produced trilogy, SPHERES, takes viewers on a journey across the universe to explore black holes — blending real science with innovative story-telling.

McNitt didn’t just want viewers to understand black holes, but to live them.

“In SPHERES, we explore relativity and visualize gravitational waves. You feel what it might be like to fall inside of a black hole,” she says. “Virtual Reality truly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in education.”

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