#Star Wars

George Lucas Is Building A Museum Of Narrative Art In Chicago

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George Lucas wants a museum in his honor. So he's building it, whether we want it or not!


Hideo Kojima Of Metal Gear Solid Fame Thinks He’s Walter White


'Metal Gear Solid' and 'Breaking Bad' are two... different franchises, but that's not stopping Hideo Kojima at all.

if i had glass

Google Glass Announces ‘Winners’ Of #IfIHadGlass

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Tweeted something about #IfIHadGlass? Google is giving out your golden ticket to, uh, pay them $1500 to be in a beta test. Yay?


Report: Facebook And Skype Leading To Increases In Plastic Surgery

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The solution to looking bad on an optional app? Plastic surgery, naturally, rather than just not holding a phone at a low angle in unflattering light.

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