Google Glass Announces ‘Winners’ Of #IfIHadGlass

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03.28.13 10 Comments

Google’s attempt to make ‘Futurama’ real continues.

For those not in the know, Google has been running a contest on Twitter called #ifihadglass, where you share what you’d do with Google Glass, a product we have to stop joking about people getting beaten for wearing because, as one of our commenters pointed out, that’s actually a genuine possibility.

Anyway, the winners are being retweeted, and they’re pretty much exactly the kind of people you’d expect to want a camera on their nose at all times.

Namely people who are clearly not the ones who knock:

People who are excessively optimistic:

People who are a little too into that movie Strange Days:

Lazy dog owners:

This kind of person, because of course this kind of person will love Google Glass:

And we also might see the rise of the POV mommy vlogger, because mommy bloggers weren’t nearly annoying enough.

We put winners in quotes because they still have to pay $1500, plus tax, to buy these things, and they’ll basically be beta testers. But, hey, maybe they’ll do something revolutionary with them.

OK, we know, these people are basically going to post crappy videos for a week and then put these things in their junk drawer, but we’re trying to be optimistic here.

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