Harvey Weinstein Has Allegedly Seen Judi Dench’s Famous Butt Tattoo

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The famous producer appeared on 'The Graham Norton Show' and revealed what Judi Dench did to show him her appreciation.


Mark Wahlberg Will Be ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’

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It's official, Mark Wahlberg is The Six Billion Dollar Man in the remake of 'Cyborg' AKA 'The Six Million Dollar Man'.

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ Will Be Released In Fall 2015 By The Weinsteins

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I wonder if I'll be able to hold off on reading the leaked 'Hateful Eight' script for a whole year?

#Robin Williams

Harvey Weinstein Remembers Robin Williams’ Prank On The ‘Good Will Hunting’ Set

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Harvey Weinstein talks about the prank Robin Williams pulled on Stellan Skarsgard on the set of 'Good Will Hunting.'


Marky Mark Wahlberg May Be The Next ‘Six Million Dollar Man’


Universal is hoping he can take a break from thinking up ways he would've stopped 9/11 to star as the next Steve Austin.

kristen stewart

A Middle Eastern Prince Spent $500K for 15 Minutes with Bella Swan

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Kristen Stewart gets way too much crap simply for being associated for Twilight, and not enough crap for being a one-note actress whose one move is "broody wounded dove.


Harvey Weinstein says Butler Brouhaha is Really About The Hobbit

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I haven't been covering the fight over The Butler as closely as I'd like, which is a shame because the case is pretty crazy.


A Russian Man Paid $1.5 Million For A Trip To Space With Leonardo DiCaprio

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A Russian businessman was a big bidder at the Cannes amfAR benefit auction, as he paid $1.5 million for a ride on Virgin Galactic with Leonardo DiCaprio.


Of course Harvey Weinstein Was Behind Michelle Obama’s Oscar Appearance

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I think Michelle Obama's great, but even I thought it was weird to have the First Lady as a presenter at the Oscars.

Samuel L. Jackson

Pulp Fiction almost starred Daniel Day-Lewis as Vincent Vega

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Oral history articles are like my crack, and I've seen Pulp Fiction about a billion times, so Vanity Fair's new oral history of Pulp Fiction was of obvious interest.

the master

Harvey Weinstein hired security to protect him from Scientology

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Last we heard about Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, inspired by Scientology founder L.


Harvey Weinstein Rejects 'The Barack Supremacy'

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Iconic movie producer and poor tie-wearer Harvey Weinstein was in Paris yesterday, as French President and global poon scout Nicolas Sarkozy inducted him into the French Legion of Honor for his contributions to cinema.


Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein Reached A Settlement Over Fahrenheit 9/11 Profits

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Image via Shutterstock In my continued attempts to explain film-related legal issues in a more simple, straightforward manner than you will see in most mainstream outlets, I bring you this news: Michael Moore and the Weinstein brothers have settled their lawsuit over the profits from Fahrenheit 9/11.


The Artist won lots of BAFTAs

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The BAFTAs, aka the British Oscars (The Oscours, as I like to call them), held their awards ceremony last night, and the big story was that The Artist only took home six of the 11 awards it was nominated for.


Harvey Weinstein vs. the MPAA

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The most laughable part of the documentary Overnight (which you should definitely check out if you haven't seen) is when they imply that Harvey Weinstein might've been trying to have Troy Duffy killed.


Harvey Weinstein doc moves forward before Harvey has everyone killed

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He's been satirized by Tom Cruise (well, by Tom Cruise's fat suit, anyway), has the kind of name that goes well in an Entourage script, and Overnight even faintly implied that he tried to have Troy Duffy killed.

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