New Skyfall clip: Bond and Q measure each others’ boners


In this new clip from Skyfall, which premieres in London tomorrow but won't hit North America until November 9th, James Bond meets with his snot-nosed gadget man, Q (short for Quartermaster), previously played by Peter Burton, Desmond Llewelyn, Geoffrey Bayldon, Alec McCowen, and John Cleese, here portrayed by Ben Whishaw.


Director David Gordon Green Readies For Time Travel

Any time that a film studio prepares to acquire the rights to a time travel novel, there's usually one question that the executives are all sure to ask each other: "Hey man, do you think we should hire the director of Pineapple Express for this one.

TAG Records

TAG Records Debuts Q


We all have wondered what will become of the marriage between Jermaine Dupri & TAG Body Spray and I think this commercial may confirm our worst fears.

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