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'60 Minutes' Tracked Down And Confronted The Real Life Saul Goodman

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A '60 Minutes' segment about disability included a confrontation with a lawyer 'Breaking Bad' fans might find familiar.

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Battling ‘Better Call Saul’ Fan Made Opening Credits: Who Ya Got?

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Breaking Bad fans across the internet rushed to create their version of a premature tribute to the soon-to-be show.

bob odenkirk

'Breaking Bad' Character Study: An Ode To Saul Goodman

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A few words about one of the greatest television lawyers of all-time.

bob odenkirk

Supercut: Saul Goodman’s Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Advice


A supercut of the finest words of wisdom given by Saul Goodman on <a href="">Breaking Bad</a>.


Bob Odenkirk On Potential ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off: ‘Saul Goodman Should Be Mayor Of Las Vegas’

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In a new interview, "Breaking Bad" star Bob Odenkirk says he thinks the possible Saul Goodman spin-off should see Saul become the mayor of Sin City.


The ‘Breaking Bad’ Saul Goodman Spin-Off Is ‘Full-Speed Ahead,’ Not Just A Pipe Dream

By | 27 Comments

Vince Gilligan is now getting into the smaller details of putting together his Saul Goodman 'Breaking Bad' spin-off.


Bob Odenkirk Is Open To A Saul Goodman ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off, But Don’t Put That On The Internet

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"Breaking Bad's" Bob Odenkirk is open to a spin-off about his character, Saul Goodman. Just don't put that on the Internet.


Better Call Saul: Vince Gilligan Is Interested In A Saul Goodman 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off

By | 15 Comments

Could Vince Gilligan continue 'Breaking Bad' with a Saul Goodman spin-off?


Behold, The Saul Goodman Yellow Pages Ad


At some point in everyone's life, you need a guy like Saul Goodman.

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