Let’s Relive the Best Moments From The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’

The fifth and final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad was such a spectacle that it had to be split into two halves with a year in between. In hindsight, that may have felt like one of the longest waits between episodes of any show.

By the time Season 5 aired, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and other members of the crew were making perennial appearances at awards ceremonies; they often won.

Season 5 would prove to be no different, serving as a conclusion to the story of Walter White, a former high school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin after a terminal cancer diagnosis, and all of the people whose lives he affected for better or, in most cases, worse. Here’s a look at some of the best moments from Season 5 of Breaking Bad, in case you still need one last push to start your binge.

“Yeah, b*tch! Magnets!”

Good criminals aren’t good because they don’t get caught. They’re good because they know what to do in case they do. When important information that could have possibly linked Walt to a drug enterprise got into the wrong hands, he had to come up with a way out. To corrupt the laptop that the information was on, he brought in a super-powered magnet. But they had to test it out first.

Skyler takes a dip

It’s difficult being around someone who’s keeping secrets; now try being married to one. But what’s even harder is dealing with the gruesome truth after it (or part of it) comes out. In this scene, Skyler’s in such a dark place that she walks to the deep end of her pool with no obvious interest in coming back up for air.

Bye bye, Peter Schuler

Luckily, Peter Schuler didn’t have a major impact on Breaking Bad’s plot, which means that his death is one of the few we can actually talk about in this list. After feeling like the walls were closing in on him with the authorities practically on his doorstep, Schuler decided to take himself out with an EMP in his own company’s bathroom.

Walt vs. Walt, Jr. (also known as “Flynn”)

Much to no one’s surprise, Walter White didn’t win any “Father of the Year” contests. Even though he bought his son, Walter, Jr., his own hot rod (possibly to overcompensate), there were still some issues in their relationship directly linked to Walt’s secrecy. When it came time for Walt to get his family somewhere safer, his son didn’t understand why his world was being turned on its head. Moments like this are why he sometimes chose to go by “Flynn” instead of live under his father’s name.

We’re in what business exactly?

Lines were often blurred in Breaking Bad; it’s practically what the entire show was about. One of those lines was the one that separated the intentions of Walt and his participation in the drug business. Was he doing it for the money or to have the reputation? According to Walt, it was neither. He was in the business of building an empire.

“Say my name.”