That Sledgehammer Lawyer From The 2014 Super Bowl Is Back With A Vengeance

Last year, the greatest Super Bowl commercial only aired in Georgia, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet and YouTube, the ad for sledgehammer-wielding super-lawyer Jamie Casino went viral. He even got his own reality show out of it. This year, Casino returned to the Super Bowl broadcast with a brand new commercial with more machismo than a Chuck Norris movie, plus a whole lot of confusing local politics.

Casino is still carrying his signature flaming sledgehammer, but the new ad also has chuckling mustachioed villains, school children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, tearful graveyard farewells, and the manliest angel ever captured on film. The production value on local ads has really gone up. Imagine if Saul Goodman had Jamie Casino’s production budget.

Buff Angel - Jamie Casino

Here is an explanation of the ad according to Jamie’s YouTube channel:

Based on a true story and in typical Casino high-energy and stylistic fashion, the spot addresses the personal bullies Casino has encountered and how his faith in God has assisted him in standing up to bullies and overcoming them. The 2 minute spot showcases the various bullies Casino encountered as a child, his battle with a bully named cancer, his little brother’s murder, and local strong-arm government.

Casino can be heard cross-examining a character, “Injustice”, who symbolizes the Savannah city leaders who’ve used their power to advance their agendas, cause disruption in the community, and culminate a bully-based system that has hurt the same people they were tasked to serve. The aftermath has led to a broken police department, a surge in crime, wasted tax dollars, and a recent federal conviction of Savannah’s Police Chief on November 14, 2014.

What does it all mean, really? It’s not really clear, except that Jamie Casino, like Captain America, really hates bullies. Also, angels are the best, and drawing angels definitely does not make you a sissy. People who don’t draw angels in their free time are the real sissies.

Source: SB Nation