The ‘Sh-t People Say’ Meme May Have Been Redeemed By ‘Sh-t Nerds Never Say’

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We declared the "Sh-t Various Groups Say" meme to be played out ages ago, but we'll make an exception for this video, 'Sh-t Nerds Never Say'.


‘Sh*t Nobody Says’ And Providing Closure For A Played Out Meme

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To recap: first there was "Sh*t Girls Say," then "Sh*t Gay Guys Say,", then "Sh*t Black Girls Say," then "Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls," then "Sh*t Wookies Says," and then "Sh*t YouTubers Say." Not to mention the variations [...].


‘Sh*t YouTubers Say’ Is Kinda Late, Slightly Meta, And Entirely Spot On

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We should probably retire our coverage of the <a href="" target="_blank">"Sh*t ____ Say" phenomenon</a> after the brilliant <a href="" target="_blank">"Sh*t Wookies Say"</a> but it's Friday afternoon and Cajun Boy is out delivering babies and Vince already covered <a href="" target="_blank">Jeremy Renner's Thai Axe Fight</a> and if I was into retiring things at their peak I wouldn't be wearing a Big Johnson t-shirt right now.

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‘Sh*t Wookiees Say’ Is The Definitive Sh*t Said By Someone

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First came "<a href="">Sh-t Girls Say</a>", which I ignored because guys trying to tell me universal truths about women -- as if they're some monolithic hive mind -- usually ends with somebody getting roofied (I'm developing a tolerance to being roofied, but this is getting ridiculous).


At Long Last, ‘Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls’ Has Arrived

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First there was <a href="">"Sh*t Girls Say."</a> That spawned <a href="">"Sh*t Gay Guys Say"</a> and <a href="">"Sh*t Black Girls Say."</a> Now there's this: <a href="">"Sh*t White Girls Say...To Black Girls."</a> And it may just be the funniest of them all, while being a somewhat masterful piece of social commentary at the same time.


‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ Is The ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Parody To End All ‘Sh*t Girls Say’ Parodies


A week ago <a href="" target="_blank">the "Sh*t Girls Say" web series</a> based on the <a href="!/shitgirlssay" target="_blank">"Sh*t Girls Say" Twitter account</a> took the internet by storm.

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‘Sh*t Gay Guys Say’ Sounds About Right


A gay friend of mine posted this -- a video response to the <a href="">"Sh*t Girls Say" Twitter thing</a>, to Facebook last night with the note, "This is absolutely perfect.


Sh*t Girls Say: The Web Series > The Twitter Account


Sh*t Girls Say, <a href="" target="_blank">the popular novelty Twitter account</a>, has 50K+ loyal followers who like to get updated roughly once a day with a short throwaway phrase that they've definitely heard a girl say at some point.

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