Sh*t Girls Say: The Web Series > The Twitter Account

Sh*t Girls Say, the popular novelty Twitter account, has 50K+ loyal followers who like to get updated roughly once a day with a short throwaway phrase that they’ve definitely heard a girl say at some point. Sometimes the account tosses in a vapid celebrity retweet that fits the mold. And get this: the tweets are funny because they’re true! Plus you can mentally attribute the voice of a dumb ex-girlfriend you despise when reading them! The profile pic has always thrown me off a bit (is this a period piece?) but other than that I totally get it. I know girls. I’ve heard the sh*t they say. The whole thing makes comedy and internet sense.

So now we have a web series from the creators, Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard, with Shepard in drag repeating a bunch of the sh*t girls say in perfect pitch. It’s fabulous. And I don’t use the word fabulous. Episode one also features a cameo from Juliette Lewis, who has apparently switched out her crazy pills for funny pills. Watch and agree. Web Series > Twitter account.

YouTube via The High Definite