‘Sh*t Wookiees Say’ Is The Definitive Sh*t Said By Someone

First came “Sh-t Girls Say“, which I ignored because guys trying to tell me universal truths about women — as if they’re some monolithic hive mind — usually ends with somebody getting roofied (I’m developing a tolerance to being roofied, but this is getting ridiculous). “Sh-t Girls Say” was followed by “Sh-t Gay Guys Say“, but I’ve only said like 90% of that, 95% tops. Then there was the inevitable “Sh-t Black Girls Say” and the response, “Sh-t White Girls Say To Black Girls“.

Now the definitive “Sh-t ___ Say” has arrived in the form of “Sh-t Wookiees Say”, proving once and for all that it isn’t what you say, but the swag with which you say it,

Damn, he’s smooth.

[H/T: BioTV, PictureIsUnrelated, HappyToast, ONTD]