‘Sh*t Nobody Says’ And Providing Closure For A Played Out Meme

To recap: first there was “Sh*t Girls Say,” then “Sh*t Gay Guys Say,”, then “Sh*t Black Girls Say,” then “Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls,” then “Sh*t Wookies Says,” and then “Sh*t YouTubers Say.” Not to mention the variations we didn’t even cover (here, here, and here). Yeah, it’s exhausting. Something that started out new and noteworthy has had its originality bashed in with the Louisville Slugger that is internet memery. I’m as guilty as anyone. Deep down I knew I shouldn’t post the YouTubers one, but I did anyway. Because I’m weak. I should join a support group.

So today I’m here to provide some finality to this played out meme as we’re putting a moratorium on any sh*t anyone says going forward. Before someone gets hurt. And what better way to do so than with “Sh*t Nobody Says,” a slightly meta/tongue-in-cheek stab at the whole phenomenon that simultaneously piggybacks the same said phenomenon to YouTube stardom. Brilliant!

Dude kicks it off with a Nickelback joke, so it was kind of a had me at hello situation. Video and the flushing our collective systems after the jump. Cold turkey starts t-minus 3, 2…

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