WhatsApplebee’s Is The New iPhone App That Is So Dumb You’ll Believe It’s Real


Created as a joke, WhatsApplebee's is still a real social networking app that people can use to meet other Applebee's diners.


British Bro Who Lives With His Mom Claims To Have Bedded 200 Women Through Twitter


The British guy claims to have bedded 200 women in a year because of Twitter. Cool story, Chap.

social networking

Here’s How Your Facebook And Twitter Pages Could Prevent You From Getting A Loan


Like to post about dodging bill on Facebook? That might catch up with you.

social networking

While Bing’s Friend Search Is Awesome, Bing Itself Is Still Largely Useless

Bing gives you yet another way to annoy your friends on Facebook.


Social Video Editing And Other Groundbreaking Stuff You’ll Find In Social Media Within a Year


Social media is in a feature arms race: Facebook, Google Plus, So.cl and other networks are racing to give you the most tools to interact with your friends and even be creative with them over your web browser...using their website, of course. Here's what they've got coming, and how it'll break ground.

Web Culture

Why The Internet Making Us More Callous Is a Good Thing


You hear it a lot: people on the Internet are mean.


'Tweet Seats' May Be Coming To A Theater Near You, Sadly


Let's just get this out of the way: if you are at a theatrical performance or a movie, really anything where you sit quietly with a large group of people and watch something, and you pull out your phone to text or whatever without being alllllll the way in the back, crammed into a corner, with no one next to you, you're a terrible human being and everyone else hates you.


#ToMyUnbornChild Goes All Redneck Randal On Us


If you ever pay attention to trending topics on Twitter, it's a churning storm of mediocrity.


Facebook Eats Nearly A Billion Hours Of Time A Month

The Oatmeal, whose image is at right, really manages to sum up just how Facebook works.


Google’s Plus To Facebook: ‘Yeah, It’s Like That’

Back in December, Google and Facebook changed their relationship to “It’s Complicated” after Google blocked Facebook from accessing user Gmail accounts to find new friends, like people can do with most email providers.

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Facebook Fail-Log Special Edition: Dateline Japan


The tragedy in Japan brought out the best in some of us, with millions of dollars quickly donated and thousands of volunteers flying over to assist people faced with ruined lives and businesses.


Will You Invest In Social Networking?

A few years back, when online poker was at its apex, my roommate and I had a standing rule - if either of us hit a hot streak, that person controlled both accounts.


Is Facebook Jealous of The Googlephone?


First up, the rumors of Facebook developing some cell phones, which we here on in are going to call the Facephone.


Shouldn't You Be Back At College?


The other day I stopped by the old local college to pick up some course books because I decided I am going back to school.


Five Entirely New Emotions the Internet Has Given Us


The Internet has allowed humanity to experience emotions that most of us would have been unlikely to find elsewhere: the leap of joy when someone near you joins your furry meetup group, the pleasure of stumbling upon the perfect piece of Avatar slash fanfiction.

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