British Bro Who Lives With His Mom Claims To Have Bedded 200 Women Through Twitter

Usually, when a guy brags about how much sex he’s having he’s lying, over-exaggerating, not having any at all, or is just a douchebag. You can bundle all of those however which way you want. That said, a guy over in the UK is saying that he has slept with 200 women in a year. How? Twitter. Via The Daily Mail:

A man claims to have wooed hundreds of women into bed using the power of social media. Ben James reckons he has bedded over 200 women in a year – by chatting them up on Twitter. The 25 year-old romeo sends out saucy messages and gets hundreds of replies a day from girls including full-frontal naked selfies.

He claims two or three of those will ask him for sex and he has four or five ‘tweethearts’ on the go at any one time.

Ben, from Croydon, South London, is the originator of the popular tweet: ‘Quote this with your best selfie to show off your body’.

He has 74,000 followers on the social network and claims the key to success with the ladies is being cheeky enough to say what nobody else would dare.

I have never heard of the popular tweet, “Quote this with your best selfie to show off your body.” He sounds like my creepy gym teacher in 7th grade who would wander the lockers after gym and yell, “Come on, off with your clothes. Get’cha body wet! Hey, Vachelli, Get’cha body wet!” How does a conversation with this regular Romeo go that he gets all the women he’s claiming? What sort of pick-up lines does he say that we wouldn’t dare?

‘I normally just tell a girl I want to sleep with her instead of making her think I want a relationship.

‘I put in some graft for a day – take her to the zoo, or to the park to feed the ducks – and then the next day I move on to another one.’

So this guy is basically an alien from Independence Day? He moves from woman to woman and exploits their natural resources before moving on. Like Locusts.

Ben lives in a three-bed semi with his healthcare worker mother and says she doesn’t mind sharing her home with Britain’s biggest tweetheart. How’s Mum think of all of your hook-ups?

He said: ‘My mum doesn’t mind. I’m very respectful, at the end of the day.

‘She does think I only have one girl coming round all the time, not lots of different ones.

He tricks his Mom? This guy is so cool! “I’m very respectful, except when I totally lie about who I let in and out of her house.” Let’s sample some tweets from Ben that make the all the ladies flock to his Mom’s house when she’s at work.

‘If a woman is upset hold her & tell her how beautiful she is If she starts to growl, retreat to a safe distance and throw chocolate at her.’

‘Sweat pants hair tied chillin’ with no Makeup on – that’s why you single go and put some on’

‘Oh, your Twitter account is protected? What the f**k do you tweet? Nuclear launch codes?’

‘If you’re broke near your girlfriend’s birthday just buy her a sexy pair of Sports Direct brand goalie gloves and tell her she is a keeper.’

‘I dare a girl with drawn on eyebrows to argue with me. I’ll lick my thumb.’

‘You fat girls needa stop biting your lips when you take pictures. You look hungry, not sexy.’

‘You can measure a person’s intelligence by the number of times they get back with their ex.’

‘Girls will find a misspelled word in your Tweet but can’t find their baby father.’

How about it, ladies? Does this guy do it for you? Or would you rather hit him with a cricket bat and have Randy Quaid fly into him with an F-16?

You’ve made the correct decision.

(Via The Daily Mail)