Facebook Eats Nearly A Billion Hours Of Time A Month

Senior Contributor

The Oatmeal, whose image is at right, really manages to sum up just how Facebook works. In May, Americans alone spent 53 billion minutes on Facebook.

Yes, that’s billions with a b.

It’s not surprising when you realize 23% of our time online is spent on social networks, which actually seems like it should be more, but still — that’s a lot. In fact, the only people who can beat us at spending too much time on the Internet are the Australians, which makes sense, since the flora, fauna, and geography of Australia itself is always out to kill you. We wouldn’t go outside much either.

It gives you a little bit of an idea of just how popular Facebook is. Not that this is ultimately going to save it, but at least Zuckerberg will have glory days to look back on.

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