Florida Or Ohio: ‘Naked Man Found Hiding In Neighbor’s Dryer’

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A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he went streaking and was found hiding naked in his neighbor's dryer, so did it happen in Florida or Ohio?


Now That's How You Streak, St. Louis

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Whereas 2011 was a high point in investigative journalism with the Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine cases, 2012 is clearly the year of streaker news.


Soccer Player Booted For Being A Hero

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Fewer things have worn out their welcome over the past decade than streakers at sporting events and terrible Borat impersonations.


That’s Not How You Streak, Buddy

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Streaking at sporting events is a great tradition, like starting the wave or women in their 40s showing their jugs at a REO Speedwagon concert.


High School Girls Streaking? You Bet

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Two California high school girls were arrested at their school’s football game last Friday after they despicably, horrifically and deplorably took part in the heinous act of streaking.

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