The Daily Show Took On The NCAA And Player Unions With Photoshops Of Stalin


Jon Stewart and The Daily Show took on the weird disparity between the NCAA having tons of money and players not having enough money to eat.


Amazon Workers Vote Against Unionization, For Now


Amazon workers aren't joining a union... yet.


The 10 Most Dangerous Places On Earth Are Probably All World Cup Soccer Stadiums


Construction at the World Cup's Arena da AmazĂ´nia has stopped after two more worker deaths were reported last week.


Actors’ Equity Tries, Fails To Halt The Spider-Man Musical

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On Monday night, aerialist/actor Christopher Tierney (pictured at right) fell "approximately 30 feet" when a cable failed during a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (remains in the hospital with broken ribs.

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Kiwis Rally To Keep The Hobbit


Yesterday was Labour Day in New Zealand, and Warner Brothers executives were arriving in the country to meet with New Zealand's prime minister, John Key.


Peter Jackson is angry

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I tried to clear up the background on The Hobbit<a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/10/peter-jacksons-hobbit-crew-may-soon-be-buggering-non-kiwi-sheep" target="_blank"> labor dispute</a> last week, but the short answer is that a coalition of unions claimed the producers weren't negotiating with them and declared a blacklist.


The Battle Of Five Armies, But With Peter Jackson And Unions


Just in case you were thinking that you were ever going to see The Hobbit make it to theaters, you can start crying now.


Peter Jackson beefin' with unions over The Hobbit

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An organization known as the International Federation of Actors (FIA) which represents actors in seven countries including the US, Australia, and Canada issued a statement recently telling its members not to take a role in The Hobbit, saying the contracts offer "no minimum guarantees of wages or working conditions, no payment for future broadcasts and no cancellation payments.

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