The Fate Of ‘Sharknado 3’ Is In Jeopardy Due To A Production Crew Strike

As of this morning, Deadline is reporting that approximately 30 to 40 members of the production crew for Sharknado 3 voted to walk off the job in an attempt to secure IATSE contracts, which would provide health and pension agreements. The third Sharknado-ing is supposed to reach land in July, but depending how soon or if a compromise is agreed upon it, everything could be thrown off.

Ugh, typical Hollywood crew members selfishly putting their healthcare needs before our God-given rights to shark-filled tornadoes. I mean, they’ve got at least an 80 percent chance of not contracting measles out there.

Today’s labor action sees picketing outside the Burbank-based offices of Sharknado 3’s producers The Asylum. The producers had no response when contacted by Deadline about the strike and contract desire. It’s worth noting that 2014’s Sharknado 2 was done under an IATSE agreement, but this latest version of the franchise has been non-union.

I blame Ian Ziering for this. That big shot demanding his Sharknado raise, and now nobody gets healthcare. But in all seriousness, I obviously have no idea whether or not that’s the case (doubtful), but PARTIES MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Just give the people what they want! Union contracts and sharknadoes for all!