NCAA Tournament

From Camouflage To Classics: The Best And Worst Uniforms Of The NCAA Tournament


Taking a look at the all-time best, worst and downright ugliest jerseys from the NCAA tournament


The University of Kansas Did A Research Study To Find Out Why People Watch Pro Wrestling


Why do people like pro wrestling? Why do people cheer for Brock Lesnar if he's a bad guy? The University of Kansas is finding out.


12 Winners & Losers From The Jordan Brand Classic

The 13th annual Jordan Brand Classic took place last night in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center and in typical fashion, the game did not disappoint, becoming the highest scoring game in JBC history.

Wayne Selden

5 Schools With The Best Chance Of Winning The NCAA Title Next Year

This year, the NCAA tournament was special and was nothing short of amazing.

Wichita State

The 10 Best Moments From The NCAA Tournament’s First Weekend

This past weekend was one to remember in college basketball.


The 20 Best College Teams Of The Last 25 Years To Never Win An NCAA Title

If you watched the NCAA tournament this past weekend, you had the chance to witness that the best teams do not always win.


NCAA Tournament: South Region Preview

The South region is headlined by some big-name programs.

Western Michigan

5 Goliaths That Will Get Upset Early In The NCAA Tournament

March is finally upon us, and this year's NCAA tournament promises to be as exciting as ever.


Video: Andrew Wiggins Finishes Monster Alley-Oop; Drops 30 Points

With Joel Embiid out because of a back injury, it's up to Andrew Wiggins to lead Kansas.

Xavier University

A Breakdown Of 7 Major Conference Tournaments

Many may argue conference tournament week is better than the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

Witchita State University

10 Schools With The Best Shot To Win An NCAA Championship This Year

We have entered the dog days of February and the madness is only a month away.


The 10 Best College Teams Of The Past Decade

The best college basketball teams of the decade is a debate that can take forever to hash out, depending on how you define best.


15 Colleges That Produce The Best NBA Players

With All-Stars like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard running the league from an attention standpoint, it's hard to argue that high schoolers can't make the successful jump to the NBA.


Did This Sportscaster Call The Kansas Jayhawks The ‘Gayhawks’?


Sportscaster Jack Harry didn't make any new fans when he accidentally referred to the Kansas Jayhawks as the Kansas Gayhawks during his broadcast.

University Of North Carolina

The 10 College Basketball Games You Need To Mark On Your Calendar This Season

The college basketball season officially kicked off last week, and with the load of talent and hundreds of games being televised, it's going to be tough to sort through the top games to watch this season.


Andrew Wiggins Catches Incredible Alley-Oop In First College Game

Playing against Division II Pittsburg State in their opener last night, Kansas predictably slaughtered the competition, winning 97-57.

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