Caffeine Junkies Won’t Be Happy To Hear Where Germs Love To Live In The Office


If you love coffee, but hate germs, there's a bit of frightening news for you at the office.


Is Ebola Going To Wipe Us All Out? An Explainer

By | 16 Comments

Right now, no, Ebola won't be killing us all. But there are serious concerns.


World’s Largest Virus Discovered In 30,000 Year Old Permafrost

By | 3 Comments

French and Russian scientists thawed a 32,000 year old chunk of Siberian permafrost and discovered Pithovirus, the world's largest virus.


So Facebook Got Hacked Last Month And Is Just Now Admitting To It

By | 3 Comments

No user data was compromised, but hey, everyone else is freaking out about the whole "Facebook hacked" thing.


Android Malware Just Got (More) Terrifying

By | 4 Comments

Hey, remember when you didn't have to worry about malware from your phone infecting your PC? Guess what!


Hospital Computers Are More Infected With Viruses Than The Patients

By | 5 Comments

Yeah, your doctor is using a piece of equipment that can't even run McAfee thanks to FDA rules. This will end badly.


Dwight Schrute Wrote A Virus, Apparently


<a href=""></a>An attempt by hackers to do something dangerous and malicious without being noticed has gone hilariously wrong, especially <a href="">if you're Dwight Schrute</a>.


Why The Flashback Virus Is Karma For the Mac Community

By | 10 Comments

<a href=""></a>You might have <a href="">heard about Flashback</a>, and it's a serious issue (find out of you have it <a href="">here</a>).


Why Is a Software Worm Stealing Your Facebook Login?


<a href=""></a>To get at corporate intranets, apparently.

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