Caffeine Junkies Won’t Be Happy To Hear Where Germs Love To Live In The Office

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There are always warnings about touching “high traffic” areas while in public, but you never really get a good visualization of it all. Doorknobs, light switches, and coffee pots are all obvious havens for disease, but the University of Arizona in Tucson managed to show how it works in action.

The researchers placed a virus called MS-2 on the doors at an office and measured how well they traveled throughout the day. What they found is that the virus could be detected on 40-60% of the office workers after a few hours and seemed to gravitate towards the coffee pot, turning it into a tiny breeding ground.

Probably smart to wash those hands after pouring a cup of coffee. That or maybe just burn down the office and never leave the house again.

(Via Slate / Lifehacker / ICAAC)