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A Brooklyn ‘Kids Salon’ Is Being Trolled With The Most Vulgar Wi-Fi Name Ever

By | 12 Comments

A decent argument for why all wi-fi names should be assigned.


Your Wireless Router Is A Security Nightmare

By | 5 Comments

Your router, it turns out, has crappy security. Really crappy. And it's not getting fixed any time soon.


Google Will Be Making Your Starbucks WiFi Faster


Google wants your Starbucks WiFi to be a faster, smoother experience.


FaceTime Audio Is The Best iOS 7 Feature Nobody Is Talking About

By | 21 Comments

iOS 7 has FaceTime Audio, a feature Apple quietly announced that's going to make serious waves, and sooner than you think.


Comcast Is Turning Customer Routers Into Public WiFi Spots

By | 43 Comments

You've got no problem with random Comcast subscribers using your router, right?

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Google Is Going To Use Blimps Bring WiFi To The Unconnected

By | 20 Comments

Google is building blimps to spread wifi because of course it is.


The Nest Thermostat Is About To Save You A Lot Of Money

By | 17 Comments

The Nest thermostat already can save you a decent chunk off your power bill. And it's about to save you even more, thanks to your power company.

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The FCC Is Officially Working To Make Your Wi-Fi Less Crappy

By | 2 Comments

The FCC has freed up the most spectrum for WiFi in a decade, all to make using the Internet in an airport less excruciating.

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Give Facebook Your Exact Location And Get Free Wi-Fi


Facebook: Corroding Your Privacy, One Cup of Coffee At A Time


In-Flight WiFi To Get Even More Expensive, Stay Terrible

By | 2 Comments

Want to use WiFi in flight? That will be ten bucks an hour. Seriously.


Google Tests Out New Ad Program With Free WiFi


So we watch an ad to access a medium filled with ads. Well-played, Google. Well-played.


The Government Wants to Drastically Improve Your WiFi


Your WiFi will suck less soon once the government starts sharing its toys.

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Five Cable Companies Will Graciously Let You Use Each Others' WiFi


<a href=""></a>As noted by <a href="">our fearless leader</a>, paying for Internet service when you're away from home is, at this point, stupid.


The DS No Longer Prints Money?


Nintendo, the company gamers keep writing off, and a combination of eight-year-old boys and women old enough to be their moms keep turning into the most profitable company in the gaming industry.


Ready For Much Faster Wi-Fi?

By | 2 Comments

Wireless radios are limited by one seemingly simple problem: they can't send signals and receive signals at the same time.

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