There’s Now An Airport Wifi-Password App To Make Your Experience That Much Smoother

Life Writer


We’ve all been there. Your flight is delayed or you have a wicked long layover. You fish out your smart phone and check the WiFi only to be blocked by a long list of password protected networks. Then you realize you can only walk around duty free so many times before you need to get online to pass the time. We guess you could read something written on paper like it’s 1994, but, come on, who carries actual books these days?! They’re heavy.

To remdy this, The Fox Nomad has started compiling WiFi access by airport and cataloging them in a handy interactive map — so you can ready yourself before you hit the departures lounge or land at a new airport. You’ll find that a lot of airports already have free WiFi when you peruse the map. And there’s definitely a lot of passwords that require you to be near a business lounge, which may be a bit conspicuous.

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