This Craptastic Sequence In An NBA Game Is Insanely More Entertaining With ‘Yakety Sax’

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Here's a bunch of millionaire basketball players fumbling a basketball.


Here’s Dolly Parton Playing The ‘Benny Hill’ Theme On A Tiny Rhinestone-Covered Saxophone

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Dolly Parton showed up at the Glastonbury Festival and played The 'Benny Hill' theme on a tiny saxophone.


A KHL Team Is Using Naked Ladies (And Yakety Sax) To Sell Tickets

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A Russian KHL hockey team is using women in lingerie and a Benny Hill soundtrack to sell tickets. Watch in amusement as Russian prepare to masturbate.


Hapless Dirt Bike Guy Vs. A Trolling, Gatekeeping Ram. Who Ya Got?

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In today's most delightful, tangentially-related sports news story, here's a clip of a guy on a dirt bike getting stopped in the middle of the road by an indignant, immovable ram, then spending two minutes in Yakety Sax fast-forward trying desperately to get him the hell out of the way.


With Leather’s Watch This: These Dirt Bikes Keep Falling (‘Yakety Sax’ Edition)


Last week, the folks at Jukin Video posted a clip from the 2013 Red Bull Hare Scramble that featured a particular part of the track that proved to be pretty difficult to quite a few racers and their dirt bikes.


And Now, It’s The 2012 New York Jets Season Set To ‘Yakety Sax’

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The 2012 NFL season began with the New York Jets as the center of attention because of backup quarterback Tim Tebow, and it has ended with the Jets still as the center of attention because of starting QB Mark Sanchez.

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