Hapless Dirt Bike Guy Vs. A Trolling, Gatekeeping Ram. Who Ya Got?

In today’s most delightful, tangentially-related sports news story, here’s a clip of a guy on a dirt bike getting stopped in the middle of the road by an indignant, immovable ram, then spending two minutes in Yakety Sax fast-forward trying desperately to get him the hell out of the way. It’s basically the kind of video the Internet was built for.

Highlights include:

– A dirt bike guy being WAY out of his league
– The ram being adorable, doing the foot drag thing bulls do when they’re about to charge
– dirt bike guy trying to move the ram out of the way with his hands, which he actually thought would work
– dirt bike guy using a stick, because if your hands don’t work, a stick might
– the hasty getaway, bringing the use of Yakety Sax full circle, which ends with the ram STILL NOT GIVING UP

If only the St. Louis offensive line was this effective. Glorious video is after the jump.

Alternate title: Breaking Baaaaa.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]