Watch As ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is Set To A Heavy Metal Version Of ‘Yakety Sax’

What would happen if you took scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road, and set them to a heavy metal version of “Yakety Sax?” You’d get the delightfully frantic mess that is “Mad Sax: Yakety Road.”

If you haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road (and if so, why heck not?), the hectic action scenes in the film pretty much lend themselves to a zany song like “Yakety Sax.” Turning this goofy tune into a heavy metal cover is icing on the cake. Of course, the character playing lead guitar throughout the whole video is none other than the Doof Warrior, who shreds on a ridiculous flame throwing double neck guitar in the film (which is an actual playable instrument!).

With all the other awesome bonus features that will be included in the upcoming Blu-ray release of Mad Max: Fury Road, I wouldn’t be shocked if this video somehow made its way on there, as well.

(Via YouTube)