Pusha T’s Excited Reaction To Getting Allen Iverson’s Autograph Is Simply Amazing

Allen Iverson is an icon. This much is undeniable. NBA players past and present and from all corners of the globe emulate and look up to the former Sixers MVP. The Answer’s influence also crosses over to rap, and he gets the same adoration from the guys in that field, as well. For example, Pusha T, and his ecstatic reaction to getting Iverson’s autograph on a 76ers jersey.

“You can’t tell me nothing!” he screams while jumping up and down like you’d expect from a 10-year-old. Push is a Virginia native, same as Iverson, so that’s probably part of the deal here. A.I. is an icon worldwide, but he’s a living legend in his home state. Except, Pusha is a legend in his home state, too, so it’s jarring to see him break his hardened character and turn into a fanboy simply because Iverson put his signature on a jersey.

The Answer tries to reciprocate some of the love, saying, “And I’m with the best,” but his show of respect to the G.O.O.D Music president is nothing compared to the outright giddiness that Push shows.