How Awesome Is This Video Of Michael Jordan Congratulating Allen Iverson?

We already knew Yao Ming was getting into the Hall of Fame. On Monday, we learned the two greats who would be joining him there: Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson.

Of course, it was no surprise that Shaq or AI, two of the best players of their generation and two guys whose teams actually faced off back in the 2000 NBA Finals, got into the Hall. Their inductions were a mere inevitability. And it didn’t take long for Iverson to receive his coolest congratulations, one from Michael Jordan, as he posted on his Instagram account along with the caption, “Me and the best that ever did it!!!”

Iverson was best known for his toughness, handles, scoring ability (and scoring drive) on the court. Of course, his most famous moment may have actually come against MJ.

It seems Jordan has forgiven him for the broken ankles.

(Via Instagram)

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