LeBron James Is As Excited About ‘EA Sports College Football 25’ As All Of Us

Friday morning brought a sight for sore eyes, as college football fans were able to watch the first official gameplay trailer for EA Sports College Football 25. After over a decade without a college football game — back when players were just “QB #15” — it is honestly incredible that it’s really back, and even more incredible that it has the actual college players, names and everything, in the game.

That’s probably an absurd sentence to read for anyone under the age of 22, but for those of us that grew up on the NCAA Football franchise, it’s all very remarkable and very exciting. Fans of the old franchise were incredibly loyal — I remember showing up to GameStop for the midnight release and seeing the same guys lined up waiting for their copies every year — and if you are a college football fan in your 30s or 40s, you’re probably extremely excited for the new edition to come out.

LeBron James falls squarely into that category, and on Friday he joined the masses in excitedly tweeting about the new trailer, as he’s ready to fire up the game and lead his Buckeyes to some national titles.

I always enjoy moments when athletes and fans are aligned on something. LeBron is someone fans are usually trying to play as in NBA 2K, but when the new college football game comes out on July 19, he’ll be right alongside us on the virtual gridiron, trying to build a dynasty at Ohio State.